Monday, September 20, 2010

Older Man

I've actually got several new drawings coming down the pike, but this is the only one that was properly inked for scanning. This one is also more cartoony, as the rest are more realistic object studies and such.

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I'm dissatisfied with his left arm and the way it looks so limp.  Also, I think the angle of his hand is awkward.  Fingernails don't look so good, I need to find a way to either improve them or simply not draw them.  His right arm actually took longer than the rest of the entire picture.  I attempted maybe ten times to have his fingers hooked into his belt before I finally gave up.  I'll need a reference picture before I can draw that, I guess.
Some of you might wonder how much digital editing goes into these pictures after I scan them.  Some but not a lot is the answer.  Mostly I simply resize them from the GIANT size they scan at, and then use an eraser to remove any artifacts of scanning that aren't part of the actual drawing.

I've been reading a lot about the technological singularity and I got Ray Kurzweil's first book from the library, so stay tuned -- I might have an interesting editorial piece about that in the future (probably not)

Observer-dependent physics undermines the gods' decision three thousand years ago to ban cats from straddling the borders of the netherworld. We won't have it!
- Sokar

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today I drew this girl.  Is she smiling or frowning?  I can't decide.  The feet were by far the most difficult part, probably taking as long as the entire rest of the picture and I still am completely unsatisfied with them.  On the other hand, I'm pretty pleased with the not-quite-profile on the body.  3/4 views are maybe the hardest things I have drawing.  Maybe.

(click to enlarge)

On the original picture her hair is shaded in with pencil but the scanner didn't pick that up and I didn't want to use pen because pen does not shade so imagine her hair is dark okay?  Okay.  I had to reline the entire thing the first time because even in pen the scanner didn't think it was dark enough so resizing it caused augh blurry.

Tomorrow is the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and I full expect my life to suffer a hit in social activity and work as a result because I can not resist the sweet siren call of Mickey Mouse.

When I was five, I was in a car with my dad and he mentioned that there was this Batman TV show in America about a man who dressed up in a costume and fought crime. The only bat I ever knew was a cricket bat, so what I thought he looked like was rather odd, based on that. - Neil Gaimen

Friday, September 3, 2010

Character Studies

I've thought about doing a comic for a while.  It may never get off the ground because I am terrible at keeping up with things like this (see this blog,) but I decided to do some character studies because I totally suck at drawing people doing things.  Anyway I like the far-left one the best, and the one in the middle the worst but only because I think the facial expression is ridiculous.
 (click to expand)

This won't be a martial arts comic but it's a good way to check out the human body.  Also I could be drawing this realistically and "good art" but if I did it would take six times as long to draw a table and I would kill myself.

BONUS GAME: How many influences from other cartoonists can you spot? (hint: more than one)

He says comics now are just a bunch of Xeroxed talking heads because there's no space to tell a decent story or to show any action. He thinks people should write to their newspapers and complain. - Calvin